About Us

About Technology Frenzy

No one brings more to your technical environment than Technology Frenzy

We’re an experienced firm. We’ll assess your situation and give you options on which way to go. We provide outstanding service. Unlike other firms, Technology Frenzy’s goal is to make you happy and safer.

Everyone wants a simple and professional environment to be protected and saved for the use of what it was intended to do: WORKING FOR YOU!

Computer architecture was created to make life easier and more enjoyable… When you look around you notice that it’s becoming more complex. We constantly work to stay up with upcoming trends and changes. Let us be the ones to bring it to you.

Consultations Broken Down
We can come to your home or business and let you know what you need. You make the decision to move forward. We do our best to help you understand what you’re looking for. We keep up with upcoming technology changes and let you know about them! Let our experiences work for you. Over the counter solutions purchased at local retailers may only be a temporary fix. It may not be a permanent one. Let us discuss with you all the different options.

Our staff works for you.
We’re a family owned business and because we experience technology in our everyday lives, we know how you feel! We have what it takes to help you understand how your information system can better your business and everyday life. We have experience in many different technologies including hardware and software.

Strong and Experienced in Computer Technology and Security Architecture
In all project or job situations, Technology Frenzy just doesn’t want to fix a problem. We want to permanently fix them with a security twist. This means that every situation we encounter we add security to make sure that not only is your problem fixed but also locked down. If a possible security risk may be involved, you are notified about it.

Not only Southern California but Nationwide
If you’re in Southern California, we can help you by visiting you. If you’re located out service areas, we can help you by phone or Internet. We also provide sales of products and help install them in your home or business.

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