Available Services

Networking: State-of-the-art, remote monitoring system provides us with advanced notice about problems with your network environment before they can affect your business.

Backup Management: With backup being so important for most businesses today, our remote monitoring service allows for greater piece of mind knowing that your scheduled backups are running when they are supposed to.

Security Management: Our “round the clock” security monitoring is consistently searching for weaknesses in your network.

Consulting Essentials: Our Technology Consultants will deliver and review the health of your network, outlining incidents as well as on the results. We also provide a detailed account of all activities.

Patch & Update pre-deployment testing: We test each and every patch pre-deployment in our virtual testing environment to mitigate the possibility of industry patches causing unforeseen network issues.

Disaster recovery and planning services: Our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions provide our customers with the ability to quickly recover from a disaster and/or unexpected event and resume operation.

Helpdesk Services: Our Help Desk services staff responds to client inquiries and issues related to day-to-day IT functions.

CIO Consulting Services: IT consulting Services to help you understand your IT spending, hence allowing you to make better business decisions – it’s the CIO expertise without the CIO salary!

Performance Management for Critical Workstations: Proactive remote and onsite maintenance and support to avoid interfering with the productivity of your business due to issues on critical workstations.

Website Surfing Analysis: Does your management team know the websites your employees are surfing? How productive are your organization’s employees? Technology Frenzy MSP is the platform that can help you.

Anti-Spyware: We will maintain anti-spy and virus software on all covered PC’s, ensuring immediate detection and prevention to keep you up to date and always protected from the ever-growing threat of intrusion.

Technolgoy Frenzy controls IT and lets you get back to business!

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